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You're alone. Alone in the vast emptiness of space. You are hunted by a fleet of elite fighter pilots. Will you survive? No.

Your mission: Take as many of them out as you can before you die.

Space Battles is a space shooter game that attempts to recreate the excitement and thrill of ariel dogfights in space. Space Battles is not like most shooters. In most shooters the player is only facing one direction while everything scrolls past him, his gun is perpetually firing while brainless fighter pilots fly in formation directly into his line of fire. In Space Battles, every enemy has its own unique individual AI with different configurations for each, giving you a more challenging experience.

Dog Fights

The main mechanic in Space Battles is the art of dog fighting. For those who don't know, "dog fight" is a common term used to describe close-range aerial combat between two or more military aircraft (or in this case spacecraft). The term originated during World War I, and probably derives from the preferred fighter tactic of positioning one's aircraft behind the enemy aircraft. From this position, a pilot could fire his guns on the enemy without having to lead the target, and the enemy aircraft could not effectively fire back. When two fighter aircraft circled each other trying to achieve this position, it resembles two dogs chasing each other's tails[1]. Likewise, in Space Battles, you will be called upon to out maneuver your opponent to place your ship in the ideal position gain the upper hand.


Powerups provide a twist to the game. Every time you shoot down an enemy there is a chance that they will provide you with a powerup. Currently there are seven powerups to aide you in your fight to the death. They are:

  • Call Wing Men: Two ships will fly in and position themselves on your right and left side. They will follow you and shoot when you shoot giving you more fire power.
  • Quick Fire: Fire your laser cannon at twice the rate, allowing you to spray death and destruction upon your enemies. But be careful, while the rate of your fire is increased, your ammunition is not.
  • Drop Mine: When your enemy succeeds in positioning himself behind you to come in for the kill, a good way of eliminating him is to drop a mine. Mines are static and detonate when they collide with your opponent. If you have an enemy on your tail that you can't shake off, drop a mine.
  • Shield: The shield provides you with some much needed cover in times of extreme bombardment. When there are too many ships to handle, through up a shield and their lasers will bounce off it.
  • Turn Fast: Dog Fights are all about the ability to out maneuver your opponent. With the Turn Fast powerup you will have the upper hand to do just that.
  • Speed Up: Simply put, this powerup doubles your max speed. This allows you to get out of some very tight situations.
  • Homing Laser: Turn your laser cannon into a smart gun. When you fire while this powerup is active, your lasers will seek out your enemies for you. Your enemies will then have to out maneuver your heat seeking lasers rather than you.

Online Leaderboard

What would this game be without the opportunity to have your high score recognized!? Built into the game is its own leaderboard which gives you up to date rankings from across the world. If your score is in the top 10, it will be submitted to the leaderboard and will be visible by all other clients of the game immediately.


I started this project as a fund raiser for another game I have on Greenlight called Transcend. Transcend has already been Greenlight, but the community has told me that the graphics need to be improved before it can be sold. I tried running three Kickstarters for this game so I could hire someone to improve the graphics, but failed every time. Rather than try that again I've decided to make Space Battles to raise funds to finish Transcend. One of the main reasons I wanted to make Space Battles is because I am a much better programmer than I am a level designer. All the game play in Space Battles is procedurally generated allowing me to create the game by doing what I am best at. Now Space Battles is turning into my favorite project to work on. What started out as a mere fund raiser has turned into a passion.

[1] http://www.funtrivia.com/askft/Question64197.html


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